Decay, Renewal, Death Compilation 2xLP

Decay, Renewal, Death Compilation 2xLP


2 x LP Compilation
Limited to 500 copies
Curated by Plastic Crimewave
Compiled for the Gorilla Perfumes Gallery, London, UK. 

A1–Plastic Crimewave Syndicate: Floating Tomb

A2–ONO: Friction

A3–Werewheels: Necromagick

A4–Toupée: Vulcan Strain

A5–Underground Symposium: Dunwich Horror

A6–Cherrystones: Grave Knew Worlds

B1–Mark Fry: All My Life

B2–Nick Garrie: Deeper Tones Of Blue (Live)

B3–Edgar Broughton: Six White Horses (Live)

B4–Energy Gown: Roundhouse

B5–Makoto Kawabata: Dark Stars, Dazzling Sky (Live)

B6–Dark Fog: Air Of The Purple Storm

C1–Shriekback: Mycelium

C2–Jon Seagroatt & Ian Staples With Bobbie Watson Asterion: Horns' Cradle / Consolation Of Eternity (Exclusive Album Mix)

C3–Alexander Tucker: Synaesthesia

C4–Dead Wood & Matthew Shaw: Chamomile Lawn

D1–The Hypnotic Eye: Thought Machine

D2–Shriekback: All Good Things

D3–Shriekback: Kerbside Violets

D4–Unhome: Sweet Chrome In A Minor

D5–Unhome: Two Fools Getting Closer

D6–Unhome: Smokes At The Altar Of Death

D7–Unhome: Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

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