The Galactic Zoo Dossier is a hand drawn psychedelic magazine occasional going since 1995, created by Plastic Crimewave, and has been published by the good folks at Drag City since 2001. Issues come with a CD or cassette compilation of rare sounds and trading card sets of damaged guitar gods and astral folk maidens. Interview subjects have included Vashti Bunyan, Simeon, Arthur Brown, Edgar Broughton, Peter Daltrey, Judy Dyble, Clive Palmer, Keith Rowe, the Lovin Spoonful, etc

Issues 1-4 were self-published but were collected into a now sold-out book collection by Drag City, the GZD Compendium.

Issues 5-10 were published by Drag City but are also largely sold-out, except for maybe the most recent issues, available while supplies last.